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47-53 Queen Anne Street

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47-53 Queen Anne Street

Client: Howard DeWalden

Demolitions of 4 existing Victorian buildings behind a retained façade. The development was phased to allow the rebuilding and extending of the under-pavement vaults to accommodate a new substation and transformer. This work involved significant open excavation into the road carriage way. Traffic management, temporary works and the permanent works were subject to Westminster highways approval.

The 5 storey building behind the retained façade was constructed as a braced steel frame supporting concrete floors. Spans of up to 13m were achieved using cellular beams as primary members supporting ultra- shallow floor beams. This allowed for a generous service zone within a limit floor to ceiling. The building also included an internal concrete box to accommodate an 8 Tonne MRI unit.

Precast lift units were used with cast in channels to allow connection of steel beams.